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Academic and Career Exploration Club

Who We Serve

Eastport Girls Club (EGC) graduates in grades 9–12. For consideration, complete the application.

Overall Purpose

Our EGC graduates are “Smart! Strong! and Successful!” We believe they will graduate from high school, continue their education, and discover their careers. College acceptance requires lots of hard, purposeful work as well as family and community support. S4S works in partnership with the Junior League of Annapolis to provide academic, social, and emotional and college counseling support to graduates of EGC during the high school years.

Program Specifics

Weekly program held Mondays 2:30–4:30 pm at Annapolis High School:

  • Tutoring and academic support from our S4S Education Director.
  • Social and emotional support from our S4S Program Director.
  • Individualized academic and extracurricular planning for each participant.
  • SAT and ACT test prep.
  • Interview practice and essay writing assistance.
  • College campus visits.


“I want to be the first in my family to graduate in a college and be successful in life.” – Academic and Career Exploration student