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Eastport Girls Club

An after-school tutoring and goal-based mentoring program for girls in grades 3–8. The program is offered at the Eastport Community Center in Annapolis, MD. Each participant is matched with an individual tutor and mentor.

Academic and Career Exploration Club

A high-school program that works with Eastport Girls Club and Eastport Boys Club graduates as they explore and prepare for their post high school future – college or other career possibilities.

Eastport Boys Club

An after-school program for elementary and middle school boys (3rd-8th grades). The program is offered at the Eastport Community Center. Each boy is matched with an adult male tutor and mentor.

Parent Workshops

An educational, incentive-based program focused on increasing family cohesion and parents’ involvement in their child’s education.


All programs share common goals for youth and their parents/caregivers:


For S4S youth
  • Academic success
  • Social skills
  • Exposure to positive places and people
  • Healthy habits
  • Personal goal setting and attainment
  • Volunteerism/community involvement


For S4S parents/caregivers
  • Involvement in their child’s academic success
  • Parenting skills
  • Personal and family goal setting
  • Social connection/social family cohesion